From an idea of ​​ Teresa Lanzano (IC12 Bologna kindergarten teacher) In planning together didactic activities at the IC12 in Bologna, a  school from kindergarten to secondary school 3-13 years old students, we organized a collegial meeting with all the teachers of the kindergarten in order to discuss how to bring the activities on the Moon with the homogeneous sections of 4 and 5 year-old pupils. I described the lunatario, which was then tested by the teachers. Teresa Lanzano, a teacher of the 5 year-old section, proposed a very interestingLEGGI TUTTO

Published at the end of the project, this small volume on the one hand traces how cinema from its origins has been fascinated by the Moon, on the other it presents the activities carried out during the year, enriched by bibliographies and filmographies.     The booklet can be purchased in Bologna at Bologna Welcome in Piazza Maggiore or can be consulted online directly on the dedicated page.LEGGI TUTTO

Pupils bring home their Moon books, so that they can keep track of the Moon over four weeks. The task of keeping a daily track of one’s own observation of the Moon helps pupils notice and get curious about what is happening in the sky. Before pictures, illustrations : Maria Clara Eimmart draws the Moon (1697). Some of her works, shown below, can be seen at the “Museo della Specola” (Observatory Museum) in Bologna. In their Moon exercise books, pupils wrote down time and date of each observation, drew theLEGGI TUTTO