The game is an excellent way to encourage STEM learning. Scrolling through the list of board games available on the space theme, it is clear how interesting game based learning can be for Astrophysics learning, and how the world of gamers is fascinated by science and space. In addition to this, the mechanisms of the game solicit a series of soft skills and competences that are important to give children the essential tools for living in the 21st century. In this section we will indicate various types of resources for children, teachers and families, both in terms of currently existing commercial games, and through the publication of original activities designed by INAF in the field of playful teaching.

  • Original games developed by INAF: here you can find a collection of original games that have been the protagonists of activities in schools, festivals and events.
  • Ludography: In this section, on the other hand, we are building a reasoned game design, collecting commercial board games that are interesting from our point of view.