Giuliana Giobbi obtained a master degree in Foreign Languages (main language: English) at the University La Sapienza in Roma and a PhD in English and comparative Literature at the University of Glasgow (UK). Since 1993, Giuliana has been working at INAF Astronomical Observatory of Roma. Giuliana is an officer responsible for the Scientific Secretary and is a member of the local Outreach group DivA (Astronomiy Outreach), established at OAR in 2000. Her main duties include  the organization of public events and activities, communication and realtions with both schools and the general public, the translations of texts, mainly from/into English.

Recently, Giuliana translated into English, among the others, Stefano Ardito’s “Gran Sasso and Science” (2017), and the essay by Pietro Greco “Galileo, the Tuscan artist” (2018). Giuliana is happily collaborating to the English and French version of the activites of innovative teaching of Astronomy in schools being made available in the new INAF website “Play”.