Barbara’s Sprites

In this page, you can find a few sprites, which Barbara Olmi, researcher at the Astronomical Observatory of Palermo,  recently drew for Play. When the sprite has more than one costume, you find the link to the file .sprite3, and in oder to use them, you just need to download and import them in your Scratch programme, by clicking on “Import sprite” (for these sprites, you need version 3 of Scratch). If the sprite has just one costume (as in the case of planets), you will find the png file to download and import with Scratch, as a picture.

Martina Tremenda

Martina Tremenda is a character created by Stefano Sandrelli dell’Inaf, inspired by Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren and Giovannino Perdigiorno by Gianni Rodari. It’s a very special child who, with the help of the Artificial Intelligence of EU-Genius – the onboard computer  – decides to embark on an adventurous journey, among light, cosmic rays, gravitational waves, coded messages, and black holes. On Edu Inaf you can find a great number of resources devoted to Martina!

In the past, this funny little girl was drawn by the skillful hand of Angelo Adamo but, in order to be used as sprite in the Scratch programmes, Barbara produced a stylized version of Martina, with different costumes, which allow us to animate our programmes.

Here are the three sprites of Martina Tremenda, prepared by Barbara:

The Sun

Here are three pictures made by Barbara for the Sun; in order to show its photosphere, its interior, its flares and solar spots. They can be used as three different costumes for the same sprite, or individually.

Planets of the Solar system

Here are the planets of the Solar system. In order to use them, just click on the picture, so as to enlarge it; then, with the right mouse button, save the corresponding png file on your computer.