On the occasion of the Europe Code Week 2020, Inaf proposes schools to take part in webinars organized during regular school hours as open online activities. Those teachers who want to take part with their classes can include this activity in their own name in the CodeWeek map, by using a title such as : “The class … takes part in …”. Date and time will coincide with the event in case the fruition is  live,  or else be successive, in case the fruition is on demand. The type of activity to be declared on the part of the teachers  is private presence, in case the webinars are followed from the school with a predeterminate group of  pupils.

If you like, you can use the code Code Week 4 all, which you find beside the online events you take part in, so as to network with all the classes which take part in the same webinar.

In order to participate with the class, you simply need to connect a few minutes in advance to the link which will be published on this page near the respective event. At the specified address, you will find the connection in streaming with Maura SandriFederico Di Giacomo, Laura Leonardi and Sara Ricciardi of Inaf, which must be followed on a screen large enough and amplified to be followed by the class.

Here are the webinars we propose: